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Building your dream home is a long process; from selecting the perfect lot to designing the specifics, Prestige Builders will guide you through the many stages, easing any concerns you may have. Backed by years of experience and the expertise of industry leading professionals, all of the resources you need are at your fingertips with Prestige Builders. We help you narrow your vision, evaluating lots to your criteria. Once selected, we formulate a preliminary floor plan, budget, and timeline for your home. We work hand in hand with our clients and contractors to ensure that your dream home is constructed with transparency and the highest quality.

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Building a custom home, tailored to your own needs and desires, is a  dream that you’ve envisioned your entire life. When it’s finally time to make this vision come to life, choosing the right builder is paramount in ensuring a dream come true. As a Tarion registered company with over 15 years of industry-wide experience, Prestige Builders is dedicated to creating a smooth transition from your dreams to reality! Our clients are welcome to join us at each and every stage of our unique design and implementation process, allowing us to deliver transparent, comprehensible, and quality service. Connecting with our clients guarantees satisfaction at every step, enabling us to fully understand how we can build a house that you can call home. With our award winning customer service, impeccable design, and high quality construction, there is no question as to how Prestige Builders is a front runner in the industry.

With our exceptional quality, accountability, and client satisfaction rates, Prestige Builders guarantees peace of mind to all of our clients. In order to demonstrate our confidence in our abilities, we’ve taken the liberty of providing all of our projects with a unique warranty program. This applies in addition to Tarion’s Ontario New Home Warranty program, providing an all encapsulating, satisfaction guaranteed service!

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